..to the website of the group practice of Dr. med. Barbara Schäfer-Wegert and Dr. med. Richard Pawlak. As a GP-practice we are the first contact point for diseases, injuries and emergencies of all kind. Here you can find an overview of our services.


Besides Dr. Schäfer-Wegert and Dr. Pawlak our medical Team consists of the employed GPs Dr. Passow and Mrs. Espino de Heck.

Home visits for patients who cannot come to the practice are performed daily between 10 and 12 o`clock.

You can order repeated prescriptions or referrals to another physician, regardless of working hours, by phone (07245 - 809 50 250). Please feel free to leave a message on the answering machine, it will be checked each day at 12 a.m. and at 6 p.m. Afterwards you can pick up your prescriptions or referrals in the practice.


If you wish, you can also send us an email to int@hausarzt-durmersheim.de


Besides our general services we also offer Piercings in medical standards.


Due to legal reasons we want to point out, that besides our practice there are more GPs-Practices in Durmersheim.